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Silicone Textile Workshops

Yes, We teach our techniques!
Over the years we have travelled to colleges, universities and conferences round the US and Europe, showing our techniques and teaching silicone modification methods during 2 day workshops to students and educators alike. Please use our contact form for more information about booking a workshop at your location, or visiting New York for one of our comprehensive onsite theatrical workshops. We are also offering week long creative retreats in Mexico, where we not only teach our methods, but intersperse classes with tours to local Mayan crafts studios and homes, and archaelogical sites for inspiration.

Workshop retreats in Mexico       

In Mexico
Our Mexican retreats offer the silicone workshops in a tropical setting. Scheduled  for 6 days during the Mayan festival of Hanal Pixan, or Day of the Dead, for inspiration and cultural immersion.

Itinerary for 2020
October 28th-November 5th
Day 1    
Arrival. Welcome cocktails, local bus tour for photography and getting your bearings, dinner in Zocolo.
Day 2   
Silicone rubber workshop part 1. Evening drinks and botanas as guests of resident Meridians.
Day 3   
Tour the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, see artisan workshop and the chocolate museum.
Day 4  
Silicone rubber workshop part 2, and a tour of Xtanbatun liquer refinery.
Day 5  
Your Day. We recommend.. and can arrange from the following list of activities if you wish.
  1. Chichen Itza Visit. 
  2. Culinary classes in local yucatecan cuisine.
  3. Pinyata making with local artists.
  4. Flamingo reserve tour.
  5. Historic town of Izmal tour.
Day 6 
Silicone rubber 3 and general textile workshop
Day 7 
Return home   

email for prices and more information

In New York

Our New York workshops of 2 or 3 days, offer a fast paced intensive silicone workshop, combined with theater, costume shop, textile studio and museum visits. Time for shopping specialty resources is also included.

Itinerary for 2020
JULY 12th and 13th
$120 per day, all materials included.  

Day 1 Saturday  10am till 5pm  
Silicone rubber workshop 1,  shop at local fabric stores. lunch included.

Day 2 Sunday 10am till 5pm
Silicone rubber workshop 2. Lunch included.

email for prices and more information